Boat Docks and Waterfront Structures

Image Boat Docks and Waterfront Structures


Waterfront Structures, including boat docks, seawalls, and rip rap, are regulated by Manatee County in accordance with Section 511.17 of the Manatee County Land Development Code (note:  once you link to this section, scroll down to subsection 511.17). 


Generally, no waterfront or erosion control structures shall be erected, expanded, or reconstructed except in accordance with: an Administrative Permit  and the applicable provisions of (1) the General Permit requirements by Army Corps of Engineers (COE); (2) the general consent criteria of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requirements, (§ 403.813(2) F.S.) and (3) separate permits issued by DEP, COE and the Southwest Florida Water Management District for certain waterfront structures, which must be obtained prior to the construction of the structure.