Image FAQs

Learn about Nuisance Abatement's most frequently asked questions.

  • What is Nuisance Abatement?

    The Nuisance Abatement Division (NAD) is authorized under Manatee County Ordinance 96-21 to respond to complaints and investigate residential or commercial properties that have criminal activities that involve drugs, gangs, prostitution, stolen property or vagrant occupancy and we serve notice on the property owners to take steps to eliminate the problem.


  • How does Nuisance Abatement work?

    When the NAD receives a complaint, we research the property and the property owner. We work up a complete background history of the property to confirm the current ownership, status (homestead / non-exempt / foreclosure / tax delinquent), and Code Enforcement violations and then review Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports to determine if there is any evidence of criminal activity associated with the property. 

    If we find evidence of criminal activity, we serve notice on the property owner. We inform the owner of the type of activity, provide resources and work with the owner to eliminate the problem.


  • How does it differ from Code Enforcement?

    Nuisance Abatement responds to complaints about activities, while Code Enforcement responds to complaints about conditions at residential and commercial property locations.  In many cases, both County divisions will work to address problems at a property since crime and blight often coincide.


  • What County resources are used to address the problems?

    The most important resource for the NAD is information from residents.  Residents know their neighborhood, understand the daily patterns of life within it, and realize when there is a neighborhood problem.  We urge residents to call us with concerns, even if they are not sure if there is an actual problem.

    The NAD works in cooperation with many agencies to address a problem property. We work with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Appraiser’s Office, Tax Collector, Fire Departments, Code Enforcement and the Building Department.