Manatee County issues voluntary evacuation notice for Evacuation Level B residents

  • Sep 9, 2017

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Sept. 9, 2017) – Manatee County Emergency Management Chief Sherilyn Burris today insisted that Manatee County residents heed evacuation notices as officials issued a voluntary evacuation for Level B residents.

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A mandatory evacuation remains for anyone living in mobile homes and anyone in the County’s evacuation Level A, red-colored areas on the map near the coast, rivers, streams and low lying areas. Today Burris issued a voluntary evacuation for residents in Level B residents. Residents can easily determine which evacuation level they live in by entering an address at the County’s interactive hurricane evacuation map online. (Download evacuation zone PDF.)

Residents can find an up-to-date list of open shelters on the County's website. Twenty one of 24 County shelters are open as of 10 a.m., Saturday morning. 

"Evacuate now, this is the day," Burris said. "These next few hours are when you need to absolutely finalize where you'll be when tropical force winds arrive. Seek shelter now. Emergency responders will not be able to respond to calls when those winds arrive." 

Robin DiSabatino, acting chairman of the Manatee County Commission, urged residents to take evacuation notices seriously and head for temporary shelters. 

"This is very, very serious," DiSabatino said. "We want everyone to seek shelter. If you live in low-lying areas that are notorious for flooding, or if you live in mobile homes and manufactured homes ... if you're living along a coastal area or river, seek higher ground now. Go to a shelter or bunk up with a friend." 

Dr. Jennifer Bencie, director of the Department of Health, said special needs clients are being delivered to shelters around the county today but no more special needs applications will be accepted today. She also urged residents to be extremely careful whenever using backup generators. 

"Transportation needs to get those clients to shelter before strong winds pick up," Bencie said. "If you don't already have your medications, go to stores that are open now and have those prescriptions filled." 


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