Manatee County issues mandatory evacuation notice for low lying areas, mobile home residents

  • Sep 8, 2017

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Sept. 8, 2017) – With Manatee County now under a Hurricane Watch, local officials issued a mandatory evacuation for low-lying areas and mobile home residents beginning noon today.

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The mandatory evacuation applies to those living in mobile homes and anyone in the County’s evacuation Level A, red-colored areas on the map near the coast, rivers, streams and low lying areas. Residents can easily determine which evacuation level they live in by entering an address at the County’s interactive hurricane evacuation map online. (Download evacuation zone PDF.)

Manatee residents should take two forms of identification with them to ensure a smooth reentry to their neighborhoods and homes when conditions are safe. Sheriff Wells said said a valid driver's license and a utility bill or other similar bill will ensure residents have an easy path to re-entry of evacuated areas. 



"Hurricane Irma's latest projected shift west puts our community at greater risk of very strong winds and quite a bit more rain than was projected yesterday," said Emergency Management Chief Sherilyn Burris. "Based on that news we've issued a mandatory evacuation notice to all of those residents in low-lying areas along the Gulf of Mexico, rivers and streams. It also applies to all mobile and manufactured home residents. The sooner you leave, the better off you'll be."

Today's announcement prompted text, email and phone calls to go out to more than 176,000 CodeRed accounts throughout Manatee County. 

Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells reminded residents that local law enforcement officers and public safety officials are ready to help people evacuate safely. But first responders, he said, are unable to assist anyone when tropical storm winds reach 45 MPH. 

"The main point I want to make today is that the mandatory evacuation locations are critical for us to secure. People must get out for their own safety," Wells said. "Get out now and find a safe location, I urge you to do so. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a storm and something will happen with no one to help you."



Shelters Open Today

For evacuating residents, 22 of Manatee County's 24 temporary shelters will be open by 4 p.m. today. Two others, Johnson Middle School and Miller Elementary School will not be opening for Hurricane Irma's mandatory evacuation. County employees are helping to staff the shelters and assist with other emergency duties, so County offices will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday next week. 


Manatee County Public Works crews are now finished distributing sandbags after distributing nearly 150,000 bags of sand this week. 


Garbage and recycling services will be suspended Saturday and Monday. The collection schedule for next week will be determined after the storm has passed.


Bridges to Anna Maria Island will close Saturday


Local law enforcement officials today said bridges to Anna Maria Island will close to westbound traffic beginning Saturday at 6 p.m. Anyone who wants to drive onto the Island after that time will need two forms of identification. 

Manatee County Administrator Ed Hunzeker asked Manatee County residents to remain calm and patient as the storm approaches. He added that government offices will be closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday while County employees work in their emergency response roles. 

Emergency Communications Chief Jake Saur asked for Manatee County residents to only call 911 in an emergency. Other calls with concerns or questions related to Hurricane Irma should be directed to the Citizens Information Center line at (941) 749-3547. 

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