County Commissioners approve new impact fee schedule

  • Dec 4, 2015

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Dec. 3, 2015) – County Commissioners today voted to modify local impact fees over three years in order to adequately pay for new infrastructure built to accommodate new growth.

 After a lengthy debate, Commissioners voted 5-2 on a new impact fee schedule that will increase the County’s current impact fees about 14 percent. The new fees are 80 percent of the amounts recommended by an independent consultant who evaluated the fees to ensure they’re in line with costs for construction.


The new fees will go into effect April 18, 2016. Commissioners decided to phase in over three years the impact fees up to 100 percent of the consultant’s recommendation.


Manatee’s new impact fee schedule will include a new category to fund libraries, which have not been constructed using impact fee revenues in the past. Impact fees are a one-time charge on new construction based on the type and size of new structure being built. These fees pay directly for new infrastructure demands and they help ensure that new development pays for itself.


“The two things we looked at when making recommendations to the Board on the new fee rates were first, whether the initial increase would have disrupted the marketplace, and second the competitiveness with surrounding counties,” said County Administrator Ed Hunzeker. “The Board prudently chose to phase in the increase over several years starting at 14 percent. However, if the Citizens Financial Structure Advisory Board can recommend alternative strategies to fund our local government, we may be able to mitigate the future impact fee increases.”


On Dec. 10 Manatee County Planning Commission will review a proposal from the Manatee School District to impose a new impact fee schedule for local schools. County Commissioners will consider that plan at their Jan. 7 Land Use meeting.


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