Manatee invites public feedback during Sept. 9 workshop on SW Manatee Corridors

  • Aug 18, 2015

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (Aug. 18, 2015) – Manatee County will host a public workshop on Sept. 9 to get feedback on a set of proposed changes that will help encourage redevelopment along southwest Manatee’s urban corridors.

 During the workshop a project consultant will present area assessment findings of existing County regulations (Manatee County’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code) and will offer draft recommendations that will better allow redevelopment along the major transportation corridors in the area. Those roads include Manatee Avenue West, Cortez Road West, 53rd Avenue West, 14th Street West (U.S. 41), and 15th Street East.


Those recommendations, along with public feedback from the Sept. 9 workshop will be presented to County Commissioners as part of a County Commission workshop on Sept. 15. at 1:30.


“We’ve included the public closely as part of the overall goal to improve southwest Manatee and the transportation corridors in the urban core,” said Planning Section Manager Lisa Barrett. “Hopefully lots of people will attend the workshop to give their input on how this can be accomplished.”


The workshop will be held at Manatee’s Central Library, 1301 Baracarrota Blvd. W., Bradenton on Wed., Sept. 9, from 6 - 7:45 p.m.


To help plan for seating arrangements and refreshments, those interested in attending are asked to call Lisa Barrett at (941) 748-4501, ext. 6884 or email her at


To learn more about the plan to revitalize southwest Manatee, visit online. For more information on Manatee County Government, visit or call (941) 748-4501. You can also follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter, @ManateeGov.


For more information on Manatee County Government, visit online at or call (941) 748-4501. You can also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter, @ManateeGov.