Lobbying Information and Legislative Priorities

Each year Manatee Board of County Commission sets a list of state and federal legislative priorities in order to make specific requests of our Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. lawmakers, but also to educate them on local issues and concerns on which they can help guide public policy.  These legislative priorities serve as the framework for the county's two contract lobby firms that represent Manatee County at the state and federal level.


State lobbying services are accomplished through a combination of County staff effort and the work of a Tallahassee-based professional lobbyist working for the County. Manatee's lobbying teams have played an integral role in obtaining state and federal funding to pay for projects local government would likely be unable to fund. For example, lobbying efforts have helped return state and federal dollars to this area to pay for beach renourishment investments, the long-awaited Wares Creek dredging project and infrastructure improvements that help keep our bridges, roads and intersections safe places to travel. These firms also ensure Manatee County has a voice at the table when proposed legislation has the potential to impact local taxpayers and our community.


In addition, Manatee County works in conjunction with the Florida Association of Counties, the National Association of Counties and the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association to ensure local taxpayer interests are represented at the state and federal levels. These three groups are some of the most vocal advocates on behalf of local government, working to ensure that local interests are protected in the decision making process at the state and federal levels.