Planning Commission


The Planning Commission was established to act as the Local Planning Agency under Section 163.3174, Florida Statutes; and to carry out such duties as may be prescribed by the Comprehensive Plan; to hold and regulate public hearings on Zoning Atlas Amendments, Developments of Regional Impact and Florida Quality Developments; to initiate, review and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners in regard to adoption and amendment of the text of the Land Development Code; to hold and regulate public hearings on applications for amendments to the text of the LDC; to make its special knowledge and expertise available, upon reasonable written request and authorization of the BCC, to any official, department, board, commission, or agency of the County, State, or Federal governments; to recommend to the BCC that special studies be performed as may be deemed necessary and proper to conduct the work of the Planning Commission, subject to the approval of the BCC and available appropriations, to adopt rules of procedure which are not inconsistent with the LDC and are necessary for the administration of the Commission's responsibility and to govern its proceedings; and to perform any other duties which may be lawfully assigned to it.


Membership Requirements

The Manatee County Planning Commission consists of seven (7) voting members:

  • The members are appointed by the BCC for four year terms;
  • Members of the Planning Commission shall be qualified electors in Manatee County;
  • While no particular expertise is required, persons with experience or training in the substantive areas of planning, engineering, environmental science, and the development industry shall be considered in appointment of members.
  • No member of the Planning Commission shall be the holder of an elected office or a member of another land development related advisory board serving unincorporated Manatee County, except as specifically allowed.


Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. or as needed at the Manatee County Administrative Center in the Chambers.



William Conerly, PE

Paul Rutledge

Albert Horrigan, Jr.

Matthew Bower

Timothy Rhoades

John Delesline

Tanya Lukowiak