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District 1       


Whisenant Trace

District 2
Charles B. Smith charles.smith@mymanatee.org
District 3
Stephen R. Jonsson steve.jonsson@mymanatee.org
District 4
Robin DiSabatino robin.disabatino@mymanatee.org
District 5
Vanessa Baugh vanessa.baugh@mymanatee.org
At Large
Carol Whitmore carol.whitmore@mymanatee.org
At Large
Betsy Benac


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All Commissioners


Executive Assistants

Marianne Lopata (Commissioners Trace, Jonsson, and Baugh)
Sheri Smith (Commissioners Smith, DiSabatino, Whitmore and Benac)


Please note: All information e-mailed to Commissioners is subject to the Florida Sunshine Law.