Scoping & Rapid Response Services

Image Scoping & Rapid Response Services

A testament to how public-private partnerships encourage growth in Manatee County! Here's the story of Air Products and how they based their global HQ in Palmetto.


Businesses looking to expand or locate in Manatee County can expect the Economic Development Team to research and evaluate potential property through Business Scoping.


A customized team of County professionals and community partners is assembled for each project to provide development related information pertinent to zoning and building, transportation, utilities, infrastructure, health, and life safety considerations. Contact Karen Stewart, Economic Development Program Manager. 


Customized County Rapid Response

Image Customized County Rapid Response

 New and existing business development is provided with an expedited review of all County related services. The Team is led by the Economic Development Program Manager.


Potential customers contact the Program Manager prior to submittal of new development or business expansion to review project elements. The Program Manager establishes a customized team for an expedited review.


This process utilizes the ACE philosophy established by the county administrator. ACE is an acronym for accountability, civility and ethics, the gold standard for professional behavior in Manatee County.

 The developer of a new world headquarters in Manatee County affirmed that: 


 "in the many years I have been developing, at no point in time have I worked with a county that responded to a customer as Manatee County does. Your departments are simply the best! Having developed projects from Florida to New Mexico, your team is simply the "cream of the crop."


Planning, Permitting, Inspections and Concurrency

  The partners in the Rapid Response Team collaborate to establish a schedule for meeting the timeline requested for Rapid Response projects. The schedule includes a submission and approval of all items required for the Final Site Plan Approval. The required items include:


  • Concurrency
  • Preliminary Site Plan (PSP)
  • Rezone
  • Construction Plans
  • Final Site Plan (FSP)
  • Building Permits 

A manufacturing company that recently expanded in Manatee County commented on the process.


"With your office coordinating, the presubmittal process was efficient since all applicable agencies were present at the first meeting to work out any potential difficulties or conflicts prior to our completing design or submitting plans."


A local contractor recently stated that:


"through the efforts of the partner, permits were received quickly and with no problems, that saved time and money and made the owner happy since they will be able to make their scheduled production start."


Qualified Economic Impact Rapid Response

 To be eligible, a company must export the majority (55% or more) of its products or services outside Manatee/Sarasota Counties (Manufacturers, corporate headquarters, telecommunication centers, distribution centers, etc.)


  1. And/or provides high-end training or research to a customer base of 65% from outside the two county region. (Research facilities, medical colleges, sports training complexes, etc.)
  2. Or, is a supplier to local value-added industries where 75% of the company's clients are local value-added industries.


To qualify, a company must be environmentally compatible, represent an end-user, and create or retain quality job opportunities meeting the following thresholds:


  • Existing local company (Manatee/Sarasota) … wages at or above the local average annual wage. 
  • Relocating/new company… Wages that are 115% of the local average annual wage. In addition, the project must create a minimum of 5 new jobs for Manatee County.

Note: If the project is within an Enterprise Zone or Community Redevelopment Area the thresholds may be lower.