Interested in Developing a Brownfield site?

Are you a developer or neighborhood that is interested in developing a Brownfield property? Or are you a potential buyer of a property and have some concerns related to any environmental hazards that may be associated with the property? Here's the steps to get the ball rolling.

Brownfields Projects Work Flow PDF


Step 1: Fill out the Manatee County Brownfields Coalition Assessment Application


Please note: A site permission form needs to signed and attached to the application. You will need permission to enter property to conduct environmental assessments under the Manatee County Brownfields Coalition EPA Grant


The proposed site needs to be located in unincorporated Manatee County or within the city limits of Palmetto or Bradenton. The completed application should be forwarded to either:


City of Bradenton: Volker Reiss -


City of Palmetto: Jeff Burton


Manatee County: Ivan Groom -


Step 2: Application is forwarded to the consultant

The Brownfields Grant consultant will review the application for feasibility and project scope.


Step 3: The Assessment of the property is scheduled

If the project is approved by the consultant and the Brownfields Advisory Group, the assessent will be scheduled.



Examples of Redeveloped Brownfield sites

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the Roberto Clemente Park


Habitat for Humanity Sees a Former Gas Station in Swanton, Vermont as a Perfect Fit for Residential Reuse


A Former Gas Station Site to be Reused for Higher Purposes


Attracting Wildlife to a Former Dumping Ground


Former Warehouse Creates Downtown Art Space